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gathering spaces

previously on view at Marcela's Village and Gallery, Menlo Park

The roots of this collection are my observations of people in public spaces in Italy, where I live for part of the year in a small Umbrian village.  It  began with simple snapshots of interactions in a piazza – the town square that acts as a stage for chance encounters.  There, people watch and hope to be noticed; they talk, eat, play, and preen. 

I found inspiration in other spaces where people gather, where they seek the company of others.  From  busy urban streets to cozy salons of conversation; in the tension of sharing a close space with a stranger, in the silent yearning for the world outside the living room window.  And in spaces that are uninhabited, but evoke the expectation of a gathering to come.       

Oil on panel or canvas.

Paintings for sale except where noted.

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